Musings from a photographer

Thomley and Stanfill Wedding

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph my sister’s wedding, ending a packed season for me that even included my own grandfather’s wedding. It was at a great venue, the Columbia Restaurant in Tampa, which I had never visited despite growing up in Tampa and walking past it many times. With a half-dozen private dining rooms, it’s almost like an elegant conference center. The entire wedding was held in the Andalucia room, which was perfect for the size of the wedding.

I’m not usually hired to photograph the bride and her maids at the hair salon, so I decided to skip sleeping in and join them. We ended up with a process similar to my friend’s wedding, where I photographed the ceremony, but was a member of the bridal party otherwise. The restaurant is set away by a few blocks from the classic Ybor buildings, so my portraits were all within a few feet of each other at the tiled front of the building. The ornate tile ended up providing a better background than I probably would have gotten by dragging the bridal party down the road.

I handed the camera off to a guest for a photo with my parents and my sister. You have to be in some of the pictures at a family wedding.

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